Is Your CHECK ENGINE Light On??

A "Check Engine" Light can mean anything from your gas cap is loose to your Engine is about to seize!  Do Not IGNORE this light, get it Checked today. Our Scan Service for Codes is NO CHARGE at Our Location.  Check Our WARNING LIGHTS page for more info on your Dash Light Warnings.

We are a Complete Automotive Repair & Tire Shop with specialization in Heating & Cooling Systems.  With State of the Art diagnostics, we can determine exactly WHY your engine light is on and complete the necessary repairs so your car remains in optimal running condition.  We provide FREE COURTESY CARS so you are never out of a vehicle while yours is being repaired.

UNDER WARRANTY?  It is a Misconception that you must service your vehicle at the AUTO DEALERSHIP in order to maintain your warranty.  This is simply NOT TRUE and it states so in your Owners Manual as follows:--"However, service at a dealer is NOT mandatory to keep your warranties in effect. Maintenance may be done by any qualified service facility or person who is skilled in this type of automotive service". 

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