Is your Transmission acting up? We  Service, Repair & Replace Transmissions on all Makes/Models, Foreign & Domestic.

From Automatic/Standard transmissions, transfer case, differential, CVT or 4x4 system our technicians have the state of the art technology to service, repair or replace and get you back on the road to problem free driving.  Don't want to be without your car while it's being repaired?  Take one of ours!  We have Free Courtesy Cars!

PREVENT A PROBLEM--CHANGE the FLUID & FILTER every 40,000KM. When we provide this service, the transmission oil pan is removed to change the filter and at this time, our technicion checks for metal shavings & other debris which are indicators of future problems. Have your fluid checked to ensure it is at proper levels to avoid serious transmission damage.


What To Watch For...

STAINS/LEAKS Under The Car.  Keep an eye out for RED fluid.  If you are often seeing this under your car, bring it in to have it checked, but before you panic, this same fluid, transmission fluid, is often used in Power Steering Pumps as well, depending on make of vehicle, so it may be indicating a power steering pump leak as opposed to your transmission.  Either way, it definatly requires an inspect.

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