What Does That Light on My DASH MEAN??

Unlike many years ago, vehicles have several ways of warning you something requires immediate attention now.  Many many of these failures fall under the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT which can mean anything from your gas cap is loose straight through your engine is about to seize, so the following is just a little help for you to know what some of these lights mean.  We have state of the art diagnostics  in order to advise you what the best course of action to take is should one of these lights appear on your dash.

ABS Warning Light--One of the most commonly ignored lights and one of the more dangerous lights to ignore, this light normally appears every time you start your car as your vehicle goes through it's self testing stage. However, should this light remain on or flashes while you are driving, then you need to bring it in to us to have your ABS System checked out, as there is a problem. It could simply be dirt or brake dust covering a sensor but it can also mean a new ABS system is required.  Regardless, whatever it may be it needs to be determined immediately as your vehicle is not stopping the way it is meant to when this light is on.


This Warning Light, should it remain on after turning vehicle on, it could possibly mean the alternator is no longer providing a strong enough charge to the battery, and soon will result in a dead battery.  It could also be that a belt has broken and will result in the same problem.  Simply head down to our shop, we will find and fix the problem.


The brake warning light light is always a signal that your emergency brake is engaged, so if light remains on while driving, just double check to make sure it is completely disengaged.  Should you do this and it still remains on it could mean your master cylinder fluid is low and requires attention pronto.  And please note that you should never mix different brake fluids, always seek the assistance of a Professional in such matter.


This is the Light NOT TO BE IGNORED. If you have just fueled up and your engine light comes on, check your Gas cap to ensure it is seated properly.  However, if light remains on, you really need not delay getting in to find out what is going on, and reduce your speed if you are driving with this light on.  There are many reasons why this light comes on, many are simple fixes but the fact remains it can mean anything from your gas cap is loose to your engine is about to seize.  If you are concerened about driving it, simply call one of our technicians for assistance at 604 461 7856.


Usually this light only shows up if you are low on coolant and your radiator needs topping up, however, it can mean other problems one of them being a thermostat problem.  If you wish to top it up on your own, only use distilled water, NOT tap water which causes excessive corrosion.  MAKE SURE you wait until vehicle is cooled down before you attempt to remove cap!!  If you are not comfortable, simply pop into the shop and we can take care of it for you.  Should light remain on after topping up, you will need to come in anyways, an over heating car creates additional problems.


This light usually means you are close to a scheduled service, but it can be similar to the Check Engine Light and have an underlying more serious problem.  Don't ignore it, simply come down and see us, we will Scan at no charge and determine what the problem is.


This light is representing the life blood of your vehicle, and likely means you have low oil pressure.  This light needs attention immediately as ignoring it can result in an ultra costly problem.  Not all cars use the same oil so check your owners manual or bring it in as having the wrong grade of oil can result in the same problems for your car as having no oil.